Puerto Rico FlagSpread over more than three thousand five hundred square miles and with a population of more than three million, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is one of the United States of America’s unincorporated territories. Gambling is not only legal here but also quite widespread, with as many casinos as on virtually any other Caribbean island.

Colonised by Spain in the wake of Christopher Columbus arriving in 1493, it was contested over by all of the major powers in the area in the years that followed. The island has been one of the US’s unincorporated territories since the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1898. Puerto Rico translates as ‘rich port’, perhaps explaining the links to casinos.

The Casinos

There are that many casinos worth telling you about in Puerto Rico that it makes sense to break them up into the different towns and cities in which they’re located. Unlike the mainland of the United States, where the gambling laws are confusing at best, gambling is entirely legal in Puerto Rico. Casinos simply need to be maintained by a hotel or resort.

San Juan

Condado Beach, San Juan

Condado Beach, San Juan (James Willamor / Wikipedia.org)

San Juan is both the capital and the most populous city in Puerto Rico, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the ones that houses the most casinos. With a population of around four hundred thousand, the casinos give the locals jobs and the tourists somewhere to go to enjoy a flutter; a perfect way of stimulating the economy.

Casino Del Mar at La Concha Renaissance

The hotel itself has enjoyed a somewhat storied history, being owned by a number of the big chains over the years. It reopened as a Renaissance Hotel in 2007 after a $220 million renovation, with The Suites Towers opening in 2010 at a cost of $100 million. The Casino Del Mar can be found on the street level of this new block.

In terms of what it offers, you can enjoy both electronic gaming machines and more traditional tables. The casino is a stylish and chic establishment, welcoming both high-rollers and more casual bettors. There are more than three hundred and fifty electronic gaming machines offer slots and other game types, whilst the tables offer the likes of EZ baccarat, craps and more.

Casino Metro at Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino

The Sheraton is close to the centre of San Juan and offers an infinity pool and more to its guests. The casino, meanwhile, is the largest in San Juan and boasts more than four hundred electronic gaming machines and eighteen tables. The tables include space for roulette, blackjack, craps and more, plus both a free bet blackjack and a 21+3 extreme version.

Modelling itself on Vegas, the hotel offers complimentary snacks and drinks whilst you play, plus there is live entertainment hosted here regularly. The Metro Lounge in the heart of the casino promises a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as private booths. The electronic gaming machines offer all of your favourite slots as well as electronic versions of classic games.

El Tropical Casino at Hyatt Place Bayamón

Based over fourteen thousand square foot of gaming floor, the Bayamón member of the El Tropical Casino chain is part of the Hyatt hotel chain. It has in excess of three hundred slot machines, offering games from as little as one cent. There are slots as well as electronic version of your favourite classic table games, so plenty of options to choose from.

Live music and entertainment isn’t unusual in the bar and lounge area, nor is live sport. The table games offered here include craps, blackjack and roulette, whilst there are also some poker tables that host both cash and tournament play. Whilst far from the most modern looking casino on the island, El Tropical is nevertheless worth a visit.

San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

The hotel opened its doors in 1963, though it has obviously undergone numerous renovations since then. In underwent a massive overhaul prior to its 1995 reopening, for example. That was when the casino opened for the first time, set across more than twelve thousand square foot and promising visitors access to more than four hundred and fifty electronic gaming machines.

There are also more than twenty table games, giving an indication of how large the venue is. Craps, blackjack, three-card poker and Caribbean poker are all popular, as is Caribbean Stud Poker. There are games reserved for poker, with Texas Hold’em being a firm favourite of guests to the casino. Mini-baccarat can also be played, if that’s a game that takes your fancy.


Isle Verde Ave in Carolina

Isle Verde Ave in Carolina (Madrican / Wikipedia.org)

Lying immediately to the east of San Juan, Carolina is a municipality that is spread over twelve wards. That’s plenty big enough to fit a number of casinos in, so that’s exactly what you’ll find here. The fact that it is so relatively close to the airport means that it is often quite popular with tourists who have either just arrived in the country or are soon to be leaving.

Casino Del Sol – Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort

Boasting fourteen thousand square foot of gaming floor, the Casino Del Sol has room for about four hundred electronic gaming machines. These are where you’ll want to head if you fancy indulging in some slot play. You’ll also be able to play electronic and computerised versions of standard casino table games.

Away from the electronic machines are a host of tables, promising you access to roulette, craps, blackjack and different forms of poker. As the casino is attached to a hotel you’ll have access to the restaurants and bars that are on site. This includes an oceanfront grill and a salsa restaurant, should you be able to drag yourself away from the play for long enough.

Oasis Casino at Embassy Suites Hotel & Casino

The Oasis Casino opened its doors for the first time in 1991 and has undergone a number of refurbishments since then. It’s around six thousand square foot in terms of the gaming floor, which is enough room for more than three hundred electronic gaming machines. There are also eight tables, so you’re not going to be short of options if you turn up ready to bet.

The electronic machines have slot games, video poker and electronic roulette, whilst the table games include a normal version of roulette. Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker are fixes of most casinos in the area. The casino is open from ten in the morning every day of the week, remaining open until two in the morning in the week and four in the morning on the weekend.

Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel & Casino

The Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico was one of a number of venues badly damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, but it has since re-opened and now looks better than ever. Indeed, they have opted for a genuinely luxurious feel to everything that they’ve done with the place since re-opening, with the electronic gaming section being open twenty-four hours a day.

It’s slightly different when it comes to the table games, which are open for use at noon and remain open until four in the morning. Roulette, dice, blackjack and three-card poker are amongst the table games on offer. Your casino play is complimented by live music every night and if you’re playing for long enough then you might just get offered a complimentary drink.


La Guancha, Playa de Ponce

La Guancha, Playa de Ponce (Oquendo / Wikipedia.org)

Both a city and a municipality on Puerto Rico’s south coast, Ponce is the most populated city outside of San Juan. Named in honour of Juan Ponce de León y Loayza, the city has numerous nicknames. Boasting a population of more than one hundred and fifty thousand, the city itself is larger than some Caribbean islands.

Holiday Inn Ponce & El Tropical Casino

El Tropical Casino in Ponce is part of the El Tropical chain and is attached to the Holiday Inn. It’s open twenty-four seven and boasts nearly three hundred and fifty electronic gaming machines on a casino floor that is just shy of ten thousand square foot in size. You can enjoy incredible view of the city and the Caribbean Sea when you’re not busy placing bets.

When you are placing bets, however, you’ll be able to do so on slots, table games and in poker tournaments. There are ten table games, featuring the likes of roulette and blackjack as well as games more commonly played locally such as Caribbean Stud Poker. There is the ability to get food and drinks here, so you’ll be well-placed to have a lovely time.

Ponce Hilton Golf & Casino Resort

Located close to the airport and having an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea, this beachfront resort has both a casino and a twenty-seven hole golf course. The hotel has four restaurants and three bars, so you won’t need to leave the resort if you want to get a refreshment in between hands and bets.

When it comes to those hands and bets, you’ll find a decent mix of table games and electronic gaming machines. The latter offer a good way of playing the former if the blackjack, roulette and poker tables are too busy, as well as a way of getting involved in all of your favourite slot games. The tables are popular, so get there early to find a spot.

Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

Formerly the Ponce Ramada, the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino is only set over five stories and opened its doors for the first time in 2009. The casino didn’t open until 2013, which was when the hotel was expanded. Whilst not exactly being one of the most spectacular casinos on the island, it is nevertheless big enough for both electronic gaming machines and tables.

The electronic gaming machines are mostly made up of slots, whilst the tables include the likes of roulette, blackjack and poker. The hotel has a restaurant on-site, but as you might imagine given the size of the venue it’s not exactly a place to head to from out of town. That doesn’t mean that guests won’t have a fun time here, though.


Main Square in Dorado

Main Square in Dorado (Oquendo / Wikipedia.org)

A town to the north of Puerto Rico, Dorado is about fifteen miles away from San Juan. It is considered to be a true tourist destination thanks to the beaches, golf courses and, of course, casinos on offer.

Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar

Opting for a cheerful and fun atmosphere when it comes to the décor, Dorado Del Mar Casino in the Embassy Suites is very much casual in its approach to life. It is aimed more at the inexperience gambler than at the people who have been betting for year. Set over ten thousand square foot, the gaming floor has room for slots and table games.

The slots are present on the electronic gaming machines that are found almost everyone you look, with the machines also promising computerised versions of your favourite table games. The real table games are there too, of course, so you can try your hand at the likes of roulette and blackjack whenever you feel like. Live music is common here over the weekend.


Mayagüez city centre

Mayagüez city centre (Rody PR / Wikipedia.org)

Founded as Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, Mayagüez is the eighth largest municipality in Puerto Rico. You can find it in the middle of the west coast of the island and the city had to rebuild itself in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Whilst it is popular with tourists, its monsoon climate means that you have to time your visit right for the sun.

Holiday Inn Mayagüez & El Tropical Casino

The third instalment of the El Tropical set of casinos located on Puerto Rico, the Mayagüez variety promises just under then thousand square foot of casino floor. There are more than three hundred and fifty slot machines in addition to a whole host of table games. The likes of craps, Caribbean Stud Poker and mini-baccarat can be played on them.

It’s generally recommended that you use Mayagüez as a jumping off point for the western part of the island, which hosts water parks, golf courses and glorious beaches. Of course, when you’re in the casino, which is open twenty-four hours a day, this will likely be the last thing on your mind. There are three blackjack tables amongst other games to keep you occupied.

Mayagüez Resort & Casino

The largest hotel resort on the western side of Puerto Rico, the venue boasts two hotels and a number of bars. It is built on the land where the Valdes Castle once stood and was originally operated by the Hilton chain. The casino is set over ten thousand square foot of gaming floor, with enough room for eleven table games, nearly four hundred slots and a poker table.

The poker table means that the casino will often play host to Texas Hold’em tournaments and cash games, as well as the same variations of other forms of poker. Craps, blackjack and roulette are two of the most popular table games, with electronic versions of all three available on the electronic gaming machines.


Aguadilla aerial

Aguadilla aerial (U.S. Corps of Engineers / Wikipedia.org)

Founded in 1775, Aguadilla is set over an area of land around the same size as some of the smaller Caribbean islands. It is a city you’ll find at the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico and has a population of more than fifty thousand. The US military’s Ramey Air Force Base was here for more than fifty years, which might explain where the casino came from.

Ocean Casino at Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla

Far from the largest venue in Puerto Rico, Ocean Casino nevertheless provides visitors with a chance to escape from the sunshine and place a few wagers. The table games take up one side of the casino and the electronic gaming machines are on the other, giving visitors a chance to get involved with all of their favourite slots.

When it comes to the table games, roulette is one of the most popular and there are two tables on offer to reflect that fact. Three-card poker, blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker are also on offer, so there’s plenty of choice available for all players. The hotel provides access to restaurants and bars for when you get peckish or thirsty.


Valle de Caguas

Valle de Caguas (Ligocsicnarf89 / Wikipedia.org)

In many ways, Caguas is one of the last places you’d expect to find a casino. Located within the central mountain range of the island of Puerto Rico, it is about twenty miles away from San Juan. Known as the Creole City, it is nearly sixty square miles in size and has a population of about one hundred and forty thousand.

Casino Real at Four Points by Sheraton

The casino is a relatively young one in Puerto Rico, having only opened its doors in November of 2012. It’s impressive enough, though, based as it is over a gaming floor of eighteen and a half thousand square feet. That’s enough room for about five hundred and seventy electronic gaming machines and ten table games, confirming that variety is the spice of life.

That variety includes a host of your favourite slot games on the electronic machines, as well as electronic roulette and the like. There’s nothing quite like the real thing, of course, so there’s a proper roulette wheel as well as a craps table and space for such games as mini-baccarat and blackjack on the other tables available.


Guayanilla Bay

Guayanilla Bay (Ecoaldeaatabey / Wikipedia.org)

You’ll find the municipality of Guayanilla on Puerto Rico’s southern coast, bordering the Caribbean Sea. It’s more than forty square miles in size and is host to over twenty thousand people. It is spread over sixteen wards and is located about sixteen miles away from the larger city of Ponce.

Blue Dolphin Casino at Costa Bahia Hotel & Convention Center

Part of the one hundred and forty-six room Costa Bahia Hotel, the Blue Dolphin Casino opened in October 2016 and is therefore one of the youngest casinos in all of Puerto Rico. It is open five days per week, which is somewhat novel on the island. Opening at ten in the morning from Wednesday to Sunday, it remains open until two in the morning the following day.

Set over a gaming floor of more than ten thousand square feet, the casino offers guests the use of more than two hundred electronic gaming machines and seven tables. That means that you can play a huge host of slots as well as roulette, blackjack and craps when you visit the Blue Dolphin Casino. A treat of a venue.


Humacao skyline

Humacao skyline (Mtmelendez / Wikipedia.org)

Located on the eastern side of the island, Humacao is a municipality that is home to around sixty thousand people. Based over more than fifty-five square miles, an interesting fact about it is that it is home to an FBI satellite office. Various bits of damage was done to the area by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Casino Real Humacao at Wyndham Gardens Palmas Del Mar

The hotel is a pleasant one that used to be known as Doral Resort before being taken over and renamed. The atmosphere of the place would best be described as ‘rustic’, though don’t let that lead you into thinking that it isn’t also fun. It is about four thousand square foot in size, so far from the largest casino on the island but not poor because of that.

It is open from ten in the morning through to two in the morning from Monday to Sunday. It is a fun place to head for a wager or two, especially if you’re a fan of blackjack, roulette or craps. There are also more than two hundred electronic gaming machines, offering all of the old favourites including slots and video poker.


Buildings in Manatí barrio-pueblo

Buildings in Manatí barrio-pueblo (The Eloquent Peasant / Wikipedia.org)

A city on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, Manatí was founded in 1799 by Don Pedro Menendez Valdes. Known as the Metropolitan City, it was named after the manatee and has a population of about forty-five thousand. The city has become more popular with tourists as the years pass, largely thanks to increased ability to travel to it.

Casino Atlántico At Hyatt Place Manati

Labelling itself as a family entertainment centre, Casino Atlántico opened its doors in 2014 and has more than three hundred slot machines and six gaming tables. That means that guests can enjoy the likes of blackjack and roulette on the tables or head off to the electronic gaming machines to get involved in some thrilling slot action.

The emphasis is clearly on the electronic machines, lending the casino a Vegas-lite feel. There’s a bar that you can get drinks and snacks from within the casino, meaning that you can quench your thirst whenever you want. Large jackpots and linked machines are the order of the day when it comes to the slots, so see what you can win.

Rio Grande

Flame Trees in Rio Grande

Flame Trees in Rio Grande (CDC/K.S. Littig / Wikipedia.org)

Located in the Northern coastal valley of Puerto Rico, Rio Grande is both a city and a municipality. It is more than eighty-nine square miles in size, housing a population of over fifty-four thousand. Founded in 1840 by Desiderio and Quilimaco Escobar, it was named after the Rio Grande river.

Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort, Country Club & Casino

Open daily from ten in the morning until two in the morning for slots and with the table games opening up at noon, the Wyndham Rio Mar Casino is set over around seven thousand square foot of gaming floor. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough room for more than one hundred and fifty electronic gaming machines and fifteen tables for both casino games and poker.

There are a number of blackjack tables, a Caribbean Stud Poker table, two tables each for roulette and craps and three poker tables. The hotel boasts a number of restaurants and bars that guests can use, so you’ll be able to sate your hunger and thirst if you’re able to drag yourself away from the gaming floor for long enough to do so.