Martinique FlagWhilst very much being a part of the Caribbean, Martinique is also what is known as an insular region of France. A little over for hundred and thirty square miles in area and with a population of around three hundred and seventy thousand people, it is not one of the bigger islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Windward Islands that includes Saint Lucia.

As it is a French territory, French law applies in Martinique, up to and including the fact that it is part of the Euro when it comes to the island’s currency. Being part of France means that physical casinos are legal, whilst online casinos are not. Online gambling is allowed, just not in the form of an online casino, which is a strange contradiction.

Martinique Casino List



As with casinos in France, casinos that wish to operate in Martinique must obtain a licence in order to do so. Even though it is legal for casinos to be run in Martinique, they’re not as popular as on other Caribbean islands. Indeed, at the time of writing there are only two casinos on the island, so you’d be silly to head there specifically to gamble.

That doesn’t mean that if you are on the island you won’t be able to enjoy your time there. The two casinos on offer are both interesting in their own right, with a different style promised to visiting gamblers. For those that enjoy a flutter but don’t particularly fancy a trip to the casino, there’s also the Hippodrome de Carrère Lamentin, where thoroughbred horse racing takes place.

Casino Batelière Plaza

Located on the outskirts of Fort-de-France, the Casino Batelière Plaza opens at ten in the morning for people wishing to play on the slot machines that are located in the salon. Table games don’t actually get underway until seven thirty in the evening, so try not to head there too early if you’re specifically interested in the tables and don’t like the electronic machines.

There are one hundred and fifty of the electronic devices, however, so if you’re really not keen on them then you might need to avert your eyes. There are ten table games, with the selection being as impressive as any casino in the Caribbean. Fans of the likes of craps, roulette and blackjack will be pleased enough by what’s on offer, as will those that enjoy stud poker.

the age limit for those wishing to enter the casino is eighteen. There’s also a dress code that requires men to wear a jacket and tie and women to wear evening dress. At the time of writing the charge for entering the casino is ten Euros. The venue itself is based in a plantation style building that gives it a pleasant and old-fashioned feel.

Casino des Trois-Ilets

The traditional and old-fashioned feel of the Casino Batelière Plaza is in direct contrast to that of the Casino des Trois-Ilets. That’s because the former venue opened its doors in 1997 and this one is much newer. It also opens its doors at ten in the morning for slot machine users, with the table games not becoming active until later in the evening.

When it comes to those table games, there are four of them but only two choices to speak of: roulette and blackjack. The style of the casino is done in a manner that evokes the feeling of the French Quarter in New Orleans, with seventy slot machines posted tastefully around the building. They promise electronic versions of your favourite table games as well as slot offerings.

The main thing lacking from the Casino des Trois-Ilets is any Texas Hold’em poker tables. Video poker is the best that you can hope for on that front. There’s a piano bar on site that promises entertainment as well as drinks, whilst the restaurant offers excellent fish and meat dishes for those of you that fancy grabbing a bite to eat between plays.