Barbados FlagBarbados is one of the most famous islands in the world, thanks in no small part to the fact that it’s located in Caribbean and the sense that it ‘has it all’. It’s a paradise island for those that want golden sands, gorgeous looking seas and a friendly welcome from the locals, but what about people who like to have a flutter on their travels?

On that front the answer is mixed. On the one hand, it’s not legal to operate fully-fledged casinos in Barbados on account of the fact that it’s illegal to run card games or spin roulette wheels on the island. That doesn’t mean that there’s no way of betting here, however, so we’ll look at the venues that are available should you visit.

Barbados Casino List

Perhaps it would be more accurate to label this section of the page as ‘The Gambling Areas’, given that there’s only one venue in Barbados that calls itself a casino and that only has slot machines on offer. That’s because Barbados allows just three types of gambling on its shores: slot machines, horse racing and lotteries.

It’s common for hotels and bars to offer slot machines to customers. The various parts of Barbados have differing amounts of slot houses within them, so let’s look at the different areas and what they offer.

Christ Church

Christ Church

Christ Church (Alena.K /

One of Barbados’ eleven political divisions, Christ Church is based over around fifty-seven square kilometres and is located towards the south of the island. As well as being the location of the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ Church also plays host to St Lawrence Gap.

That’s notable for its popularity with tourists, so if you’re heading to Barbados then you’re either likely to spend time in St Lawrence Gap or at least consider doing so. If you do then you’ll have the choice of seven different slot houses to head to and engage in some gambling:

Lucky Horseshoe, Worthing, Christ Church

Open since 1998 and offering sports on the TV alongside slot machines, it’s an American-style eatery that is open twenty-four seven. There are thirty-six machines available to play.

Silver Fox Arcade, Christ Church

Labelling itself as ‘Barbados’ Best Entertainment Arcade’, the Silver Fox offers fifty slot machines for people to use. It focuses on the gaming machines rather than opting for a more restaurant feel, it is perhaps the most ‘casino’ like venue in Christ Church.

D’Fast Lime Casino, Christ Church

The venue opened in 2014 and is the only one on the island that actually boasts the word ‘casino’ in its title. Don’t let that fool you, though, you aren’t going to find any roulette tables or poker rooms on offer here.

Whilst the building itself is dedicated purely to gaming machines, of which there are twenty-five on offer, it’s located close to a number of restaurants that you can visit in between gaming sessions if you wish to.

Dover Beach Hotel, Slots and Sportsbar, Dover Beach

This is a rare example in Barbados of a venue telling everything that you need to know in its title alone. Dover Beach Hotel, Slots and Sportsbar opened its doors for business in September of 2011 and is a hotel with a Sportsbar attached first and foremost.

Based over three blocks that offering enough space for fifty-nine rooms, the slot machines are actually pretty low on the venue’s list of priorities. There are still enough to keep you busy, though, so do pop along if you’re in the area.

Play Fair Arcade, Hasting Road

There are three Fair Play Arcade on the island, with this one offering a number of slot machines mixed in with games that are more commonly associated with younger people. We’re talking the likes of basketball throwing machines, for example.

Lucky 7 Arcade, Oistins

There are around twelve machines offering electronic versions of the likes of video poker at Lucky 7 Arcade. That means that it’s hardly the biggest arcade on the island, but if you’re in Oistins then it’s worth a visit.

South Gap Arcade, St Lawrence Gap

You’ll find this arcade actually inside the South Gap Hotel, with the entertainment on offer downstairs.

St Michael

Saint Michael's Cathedral

Saint Michael’s Cathedral

We could technically put St Michael and Bridgetown in the same section, given that Bridgetown is actually located within the parish of St Michael. It’s easier to break them up, however, with St Michael covering an area of thirty-nine square kilometres.

Home to the International Seaport of Barbados, if you head to the country on a cruise then you’re almost certainly going to land here. It also plays host to four arcades in the wider St Michael are, with details of each here:

Play Fair Arcade, St Michael

As with the Play Fair Arcade on Hastings Road in Christ Church, it is a curious mix of slot machines that allow you to gamble and other games that are more suited to a younger audience. That does add to the atmosphere, though.

Lucky Horseshoe, Warrens, St Michael

Another in the Lucky Horseshoe chain, this is predominantly a restaurant that has slot machines on site rather than a place that is specifically dedicated to the playing of slot style games. Come for some food, get involved in the slots whilst you’re there.

Diamond Tower Arcade, St Michael

The Diamond Tower Arcade offers both snacks and alcohol drinks, with the one-armed bandits there to keep you busy whilst you’re eating and drinking. There are a reasonable number of slots that will entertain you.

JoJo’s Bingo Hall, Sports Bar & Arcade, St Michael

Another rare example of a venue that tells you everything that you need to know in its title, you can get involved in some games of bingo here. It opened in 2015 and promises more than twenty gaming machines to people who attend.

It’s actually located within One Carlton Plaza and the bingo hall has enough room for two hundred and thirty people. The gaming arcade has thirty-six seats in, whilst there’s another section that shows live sport whenever there’s something worth watching.



Bridgetown (Solarisys /

The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown was established in 1628 and is based over forty square kilometres of land. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also being the largest city on the island. It’s known locally as ‘The City’ or simply ‘Town’.

The location of Bridgetown in the wider parish of St Michael is evident in the fact that it used to be called The Town of Saint Michael. As the country’s capital is obviously one of the most visited locations in Barbados, with the following five arcades to show for it:

The Winning Streak, Bridgetown

You can find The Winning Streak on the corner of Marhill Street and Trafalgar and as the name suggests it is largely dedicated to the world of slots.

Lucky 7 Arcade, Bridgetown

The Lucky 7 Arcade looks a little bit more like an internet cafe than a casino, thanks to the look of the slot machines themselves. It’s an arcade that has a number of slots in, so don’t be surprised to see less adult games on offer too.

Pot-O-Gold Arcade, Bridgetown

This isn’t the biggest arcade in Barbados and appears to have taken its name from one of the games on offer there. Nevertheless it’s a good place to pop into if it’s quiet and you fancy a go on the slots.

Golden Treasure Arcade, Bridgetown

Located on the gloriously named ‘Dottin Alley’, the Golden Treasure Arcade is a nice place to head to if you’ve had too much sun or the weather has turned somewhat. As with pretty much every other arcade on the island, it’s open twenty-four hours a day.

Play Fair Arcade, Bridgetown

The final member of the Fair Play Arcade chain, the one in the capital city is possibly the biggest of the three. That’s not to say that it offers a whole heap more than the others, just that there’s a slight degree more variety in the games.

Other Locations

Saint James, Barbados

Saint James

There are two more betting venues to tell you about located in Barbados, with one of them based in St Thomas and the other in St James. The latter is more specifically found in Holetown, which was the first place that English settlers landed when they came to the island in 1625.

It was originally called St James Town before getting its current, rather less appealing, title. St Thomas, meanwhile, is about as close to being in the middle of Barbados as it’s possible to get, with no access to the sea from the thirty-four square kilometres of the parish.

Lucky Horseshoe, Bagatelle, St Thomas

As with the other members of the Lucky Horseshoe chain, the one in Bagatelle is actually a restaurant and bar first and foremost. The restaurant’s self-assigned tagline is ‘Burgers, Wings, Sports’, so you can guess what to expect from that.

There are slot machines on-site, though, so you won’t be too disappointed if you head there specifically to have a bet. They’re available twenty-four seven, whilst everything else tends to shut down at around eleven at night.

Las Vegas, St James

Named after America’s most famous gambling venue, the Las Vegas in St James opened at the start of February 2015 and offers free food and drink to players. It’s open twenty-four seven, like most other venues, and is located in Holetown.

Other Forms of Gambling in Barbados

Garrison Savannah Racetrack in Bridgetown

Garrison Savannah Racetrack in Bridgetown (CaribDigita /

Whilst slot machines are the thing you’ll find more than any other on the island of Barbados, it’s not the only form of gambling available there. The lottery is legal and is very popular, with lottery giant IGT operating on the island. Instant win and scratch cards are available from the same places you’d buy your lottery tickets.

Perhaps the thing that surprises visitors to Barbados the most is that there is a racecourse on the island. The Barbados Turf Club is based at the Garrison Savannah and hosts regular meetings. Formed in 1905, the racecourses offers about twenty-five meetings over the course of a year and pari-mutuel betting is commonplace there.