Grenada FlagGrenada isn’t just one island, but rather is a sovereign state that consists of the island of Grenada itself, as well as six other smaller islands to its north. Around one hundred and thirty-four square miles in size and boasting a population of over one hundred and ten thousand, casino gambling is sort of illegal on the island and there are therefore no casinos to speak of.

Grenada ‘belonged’ to numerous different countries over the years, but it gained independence in February of 1974. There was a period of political instability after this, but things have been relatively stable since October 1983. A country with a fascinating history, Grenada is worth visiting – just not if you were hoping to gamble whilst there.

Grenada & Gambling


St Georges, Grenada (CEW /

The number of islands in the Caribbean that allow gambling far outweighs the number that don’t, yet Grenada finds itself on the latter list. The really interesting thing about the island isn’t that casino gambling is illegal, but rather that you can still do a bit of gambling in certain locales. There are unregulated slot machines throughout the country, for example.

There is also a national lottery run on Grenada and sponsored bingo tournaments aren’t unheard of. That means that it’s not as if gambling is altogether frowned on in Grenada, leading to those that wish casinos to be legalised calling the government on the island hypocrites. It is an issue that is discussed by the Grenadian parliament on a regular basis.

The argument for legalising gambling includes the boost it would give to the island’s economy, but the argument against is that it protects locals by not allowing it. St. Vincent, a nearby island, has legal casino gambling and is therefore seen as a good alternative to people who find themselves on Grenada but unable to have a wager.

The Gambling, Lotteries and Betting Act of 1966 is the reason why most forms of gambling have been declared illegal on the island. The fact that it is not explicitly covered by law is, however, why unregulated forms of gambling are available in certain parts of the island. Online casinos are also able to be licensed out of Grenada but can’t be played there.

In 2016, legislation was passed to create a Gambling Commission for the country. The idea was that it would be responsible for granting licences, collecting gambling tax and supervising casino gambling. The problem is that, as of yet, no casinos have actually been built on the island and there are no plans for that to change in the near future.